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The Company

Silvia Grandi is no newcomer when it comes to fashion, in 1997 they launched their Grandicalze fashion line aimed at young and dynamic customers.
10 years onwards, in 2007, the company still strong, updated their image with the now well known Silvia Grandi fashion collection, that included a new range of basic and technical products, which proved to be their best move ever.
Today Silvia Grandi after years of steady growth, has expanded on their collections to not only include basic fashion items for women, but they now include a line of sexy underwear and an attractive collection of socks for men, all “Made in Italy”.
Always one step ahead of the times, Silvia Grandi produce on a large scale, fashion collections as private label. Allowing prestige fashion designers to produce high quality products on a smaller scale. In fact the private label niche has been designed so good that allows companies the chance to order lower quantities to eventually test the market place beforehand. With Silvia Grandi’s now over 18 years experience, they provide an optimum workflow keeping the costs down but the product still high end, providing clothing and underwear fully packaged to sell.
Without a doubt Silvia Grandi prove time and time again to be market leaders in the industry, researching new techniques, yarns and implementing new ideas. They’re not only known in Italy but they’re also an international success.
Their biggest characteristic well known in the industry, is their ability to take the stress out of producing and help transform ideas in to reality. Get in touch and tell them your next project and see first hand the professionalism they prove.


Enter our online store to experience the taste and quality we have to offer you.
Browse through our selection of lycra, natural fibres and fashion items and try first hand the pleasure of wearing a products that have been made to the highest detail.
Precious yarns, flat seams, soft waistbands and anti allergic treatments  are few of the skills that together with a pair-to pair control make every Silvia Grandi product a product you can’t be without.

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Brescia – Italy

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